Neck Head Shoulder Pain Reliever Supports Cervical Stretch

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This Tool Will Allow you to Stretch the Neck and by so doing you Relax the muscle in the Shoulder and Neck Area allowing a Free Flow of Oxygen To The Brain Avoiding Headaches, Dizziness, and Stiff Necks.

The soft, pillowy foam gently wraps around your neck and gives your head the heavenly sensation of floating on air.

  • It applies smooth, gentle pressure for a soothing massage, and a soft, sensual pleasure.

  • Within 30 seconds your neck tightness and pressure start to vanish. Deep relaxation spreads to your shoulders, back, and spine, allowing your muscles to completely unwind. Tight, painful knots loosen, and your pain and suffering disappear.

  • Some key features include:

  • Fast, Safe, and Convenient: Feel relief in as little as 5 - 15 minutes. Use anytime, anywhere to quickly rest, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • Scientifically & Ergonomically Designed: The Neck Revitalizer cradles and supports the head in a unique way.

  • It gently suspends and floats the head and neck and results in an incredibly relaxing and soothing sensation.

  • Premium Quality & Attention To Detail: The Neck Revitalizer is made of strong and durable material with an Ultra Comfort Foam Pillow.

  • Versatility: Light, sturdy, and portable. Use while traveling, working at the computer, reading, resting, meditating, doing yoga, watching TV, and more!

  • By using it for just a few minutes each day, you'll be able to experience the amazing benefits mentioned above.

  • Material: High-density EVA

  • Color: red gray

  • Product Size: 26x16x3cm


  • 1 x Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Material: ABS
Feature: THERAPY
Feature: Massage
Part: NECK
Traction Pillow
Weight: 0-0.5 kg