Glamsham - The Vintage Infinity Loop Mesh Bracelet

Mervcor General Store


TA DA!!The Glam Sham Vintage Bracelet has finally arrived! Your only go-to-accessory when you want to project effortless glamour!Get ready for the fanfare. With such a gorgeous look and feel, the Glam Sham Vintage Bracelet comes across like an old world charm meeting a great sense of style and the price is simply great.It is curvy and feminine and you will love to wear it again and again so much so that it can become your signature piece.DETAILS:The Vintage Infinity Loop Mesh Bracelet with subtle GOLD TEXTURE.It is alloy, plated on Brass and won't wear off.Made to fit everyone who want to look glamorous without trying too hard.It comes in a Gift Box.


Type: Jewelry